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BSD-based Live CDs

Discussion, troubleshooting, and creation of BSD LiveCDs, LiveDVD, and LiveUSB flash drives

BSD-based Live CDs

Postby nick » Mon Feb 23, 2004 6:36 pm

This list has been merged into the main LiveCD List here: ... sort=&sm=1

FreeBSD Disc 2 -
NetBSD Live 1.6.1 -
FreeSBIE -
snarl -
NetBoz Firewall -
Live CD -
Frenzy -
FreeBSD live-FS -
BSDeviant -
LiveBSD -
MicroBSD -

Thanks to Clemmitt Sigler (csigler -at- vt -dot- edu) for supplying me with , which the first 8 links are from.
[update: added a couple more, thanks Alain]
[update: thanks to Clemmitt again for MicroBSD and the FreeBSDToGO links, the link was not working, I'll try it again later]
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