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Postby nick » Fri Mar 05, 2004 5:43 pm

November 30, 2008
changed table sorting from sql to jquery

November 19, 2008
renamed Suse Live-Eval to Suse Linux, updated links

March 24, 2007
added Parted Magic
added GParted LiveCD
added Sabayon

February 13, 2007
added NimbleX

January 18, 2007
fixed Mandriva One so that it shows up again

December 30, 2006
updated PCLinuxOS
removed Trx Live Firewall
added elpicx
fixed link to DevelopGo homepage
updated Baltix-Knoppix, it's now known as Baltix

November 25, 2006
added 'OS Replacement' category to Ubuntu

August 27, 2006
added FuguIta

May 19, 2006
removed MandrakeMove
added Mandriva One

April 9, 2006
Removed links to the LiveCD Wiki - the wiki was continually spammed, and not used often. Plus, the addition of links to Wikipedia made the LiveCD Wiki redundant. Wikipedia would be a better area to put effort into describing each specific LiveCD.

April 8, 2006
added Kororaa

February 21, 2006
updated link to Skolelinux

February 6, 2006
added BackTrack

January 31, 2006
added SlackPen
added NeWBIE
added Musix GNU+Linux
added Parsix
added Kaboot
added Archie

January 18, 2006
added Anonym.OS

November 23, 2005
added BeleniX
added Arudius
added MitraX
added distrowatch and wikipedia links to Frenzy

November 1, 2005
added dyne:bolic to clustering group

October 8, 2005
updated links and sizes for Kanotix

October 4, 2005
added Ging
added Wolvix
added SLAMPP

September 25, 2005
added Myah OS

September 17, 2005
Lots of layout changes today
removed Impi Linux: does not appear to be Live anymore

August 24, 2005
updated OnebaseGo
added GamesGo
added DevelopGo
added StudioGo
added SLAX KillBill Edition
added SLAX Popcorn Edition
added SLAX Frodo Edition
added Benix Kanotix

August 21, 2005
added GoblinX Mini Edition
added DeMuDi Live
added FCCU GNU/Linux Forensic Boot CD
added XNUXER
added Snøfrix

August 14, 2005
changed SlaX-TL to TeaM-TL, updates size and website

July 25, 2005
updated webpage for Whoppix

July 18, 2005
added Kate OS LIVE

July 17, 2005
added Operator
added Thinstation

July 16, 2005
added KCPenTrix

July 12, 2005
added Kurumin Games
updated iso sizes of grml

July 11, 2005
added TheOpenCD

July 6, 2005
added Crash Recovery Kit for Linux
added UHU-Linux Live CD
added BrutalWareII
added LFS LiveCD
added QiLinux
added WHAX
added XAMPPonCD

July 3, 2005
added Elive
added Komodo Linux

July 1, 2005
updated Kubuntu website url, sizes, and download urls

June 26, 2005
added SchilliX

June 20, 2005
added PaiPix
added loonix-live
added ECGL
added Pardus Live CD

June 18, 2005
added BOSS Live CD
added AliXe

June 15, 2005
added ISO size and download link to SLYNUX
updated ISO size of Puppy Linux
updated ISO size of flonix
updated ISO size of Luit Linux

June 14, 2005
added ELE
just noticed Damn Small Linux has isntall scripts, added it to OS Replacement
updated download links for Kanotix

June 12, 2005
added Symphony OS
updated download link for MEPIS

June 11, 2005
updated sizes and download links for Ubuntu

June 8, 2005
fix the download links to Tao Live
added Freeduc-games

June 6, 2005
added T2 @Live

May 31, 2005
fixed the link for Caster
added development and media production to the drop-down function chooser

May 30, 2005

added PLoP Linux

May 29, 2005
added Pentoo
added NetMAX DeskTOP

May 28, 2005
added grml to "OS Replacment" category

May 26, 2005
added Monoppix
added Mono Live
added The Backpack Programmer's LiveCD
added Santa Fe Desktop Linux
added Stanix Professional

May 25, 2005
added tlf-morphix
added aquamorph
changed Legnoppix from "Lego Mindstorms" to "Robotics" category
added Pyro Live CD

May 24, 2005
updated website for Xen Demo CD

May 16, 2005
added Xen Demo CD
added OS Replacement function to SLAX

May 14, 2005
added SLYNUX
added TiNA Knoppix

May 13, 2005
added Tao Live
added Phaeronix

May 11, 2005
*added a wiki to the list

added Kanotix to the linux x86-64 arch

May 6, 2005
update image sizes for SLAX
added gNOX
updated images sizes for SUSE Live-Eval
added amd64 arch to SUSE Live-Eval

May 5, 2005
re-added SlaX-TL

May 4, 2005

*added DOS operating system category
added Ultimate Boot CD
added Shinux
updated Mutagenix

April 15, 2005
had to remove SlaX-TL, it was causing some problems with the list. Time to bust out the old mysql/php book...

April 14, 2005
added XORP Live CD
added SlaX-TL
added Hax Desktop
added X-Evian

April 5, 2005
added grml
updated bittorrent link for LinspireLive!
updated the homepage, mostly cleaned it up
fixed the Kurumin link

March 19, 2005
added m0n0wall
added ffsearch-LiveCD
added Network Security Toolkit
added Caster
added Kubuntu

March 18, 2005
changed the default sort order to Popularity

March 17, 2005
Voting is enabled!

March 14, 2005
added giant poll of every LiveCD - hopefully to become part of the LiveCD list as a utility to quickly gauge the popularity of different distros

March 13, 2005
added AmaroK Live
added Gnome LiveCD

March 12, 2005
added Flash Linux

March 10, 2005
update Ubuntu download link to the Preview release

March 9, 2005
added eZ publish LiveCD

March 6, 2005
added LG3D LiveCD

March 5, 2005
changed the download link for Ubuntu to the Hoary Array-6 pre-release

March 3, 2005
added ROCK Linux to x86 and ppc

February 27, 2005
released a new version of the list, the major change include being able to display different OSes and Architectures. It is now much easier (I hope) to display, say, Linux Liv
eCDs on the PPC64 platform. Oh yeah, the List also moved, it's now at I found it's easier to remember. The forums will be moving to once the DNS changes take effect. :)

February 13, 2005
added download links to all live CDs (phew!)
added Pollix
added Danix
added EduMorphix
added GISMorphix
added BEERnix
added Burnix
added LinspireLive!
added Klax

February 12, 2005
removed rpm-livelinuxcd, web presence is gone too
removed Pequelin, website has been down for a while and I cannot get the download info
added Whoppix
removed LivePlone, cannot find download
removed Kix, cannot find homepage or download anymore
removed LFS Bootable CD, cannot find a way to download it

February 11, 2005
removed Eagle Linux, appears to have disappeared from the net
Ed's Debian is now known as Xebian

February 10, 2005
added Zen Linux

February 5, 2005
added a livecd counter at the bottom of the list
removed Zopix, where did it go?

February 3, 2005
added LUC3M
added StarCD
added Mutagenix
added Càtix
added Toothpix
added Freeduc to "geographic information systems" function
added Quantian to "geographic information systems" function
renamed live-puppy to Puppy Linux
updated size of Quantian
updated website of GISIX
updated website and size of Puppy Linux

February 2, 2005
added Knoppix to "OS Replacement" function
added Kanotix to "OS Replacement" function
added Gnoppix to "PowerPC" function
added Ubuntu to "PowerPC" function

January 26, 2005
added GoblinX

January 25, 2005
added KnoSciences

January 20, 2005
added GeoMorphix
added Conectiva Linux Live CD
added ATMission

January 16, 2005
added LLGP

January 3, 2005
added ParallelKnoppix

December 23, 2004
added Clusterix
edited Pequelin iso size
added Auditor security collection
added basilisk

December 22, 2004
added DeadCD
added NavynOs
added Helix
added Guadalinex
added GamesKnoppix

October 31, 2004
added Ubuntu
added UserLinux
fixed url for knoppix_esp
added Xfld
added redWall Firewall
added Hikarunix
added Julex
added SciLix
fixed url for SystemRescueCD
removed LindowsLive! (now called LinspireLive!, and not available for official download)
removed BhavyaOS (appears to now be purchase-only - not available for official download)
removed N-iX Desktop Linux (gone!)

August 23, 2004
added 3Anoppix
added fiubbix
added Kaella
added VigyaanCD
added Slo-Tech Linux livecd
added BeatrIX Linux
added MiniKazit
added Knoppix64
added WOMP!
removed IPCop - not a livecd

June 6, 2004
updated size of GNUstep Live CD to new .5 version, 420MB

May 14, 2004
added Desktop category to Slix

April 28, 2004
added austrumi
added Luit Linux
added PowerPC attribute to SystemRescueCD
changed size of SystemRescueCD to that of the current version

April 13, 2004
fixed ISO sizes of MoviX
added eMoviX
added MoviX2

March 25, 2004
updated PXES iso size to that of latest version, 13MB
added LFS boot-cd

added LFS Bootable CD
added FlashMob ISO

March 22, 2004
added OnebaseGo

March 5, 2004
added Emergency CD
added GNUstep Live CD
added mGSTEP Live CD
added Knoppix Japanese Edition
added LinuxConsole
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