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Postby suhanko » Wed Sep 12, 2007 9:19 am

Phantom Live CD or PhantomSystem
Linux Embbeded.

Phantom is livecd to cloning, with much tools. Save disk images in LAN, partition local, external disk, pendrive. restore from CD,DVD,LAN,external disk. In the tools menu there are things like changing password of linux and windows systems and BIOS, clean MBR and/or partition table, formating (graphical), reinstall boot manager (in cases of restoration fail), undo modifieds partition tables, inicializations in text or graphical mode. Boot from CD, pendrive, external disk, local disk (via grub) and very more!

The save system is based in SAMBA protocol, doing the system to be multiplataform. The host can to be the windows station with a directory of public access, or linux using SAMBA server. Was presented in the FISL8 (Internacional Forum of Free Software - in Brazil).

The project have a nice time and is used in various countrys by world. Have a internacionalization to english, spanish and portuguese and is used for many companys
in Brazil (the logos is availiable in the site).

This is a free software.
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