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your 'perfect' livecd

Discussion and questions about hardware for LiveCDs, LiveDVDs, and LiveUSB devices, such as media, optical drives, and USB flash drives.

your 'perfect' livecd

Postby rex » Tue Aug 02, 2005 10:53 pm

what's all you ever expect from a livecd?

this is my list:

first, the desktop livecd:
- small and fast as damnsmall/feather
- pxe/diskless client boot
- cluster like clusterknoppix
- securing the openmosix cluster like chaos
- easy to customize using something like myslax creator
- wine, dosbox, qemu installed and configured like slax killbill
- xinerama, like none livecd ever have (i think...)

second, for the firewall/server:
- complete, custom firewall, like redwall
- allow us run server in the same box. like devil-linux
- easy web administration/configuration like ipcop/m0n0wall

what's your lists....??
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any console livecd?

Postby rex » Sat Aug 06, 2005 2:35 am

may be it's just me with too many wishes...
maybe i'm just a newbie cant do custom install myself,
and looking for a fast and easy way out...

another of my wishlist:
a console only livecd with
- all the standard command/tools, especially needed is cron for scheduling
- can play most multimedia (with mp321/mplayer/??)
- all text based internet appz for browsing, chat, email, etc...
- runs nicely on old pc with ram <32mb
- these appz also nice: ... 5237.shtml

is there any exist yet?
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Postby Teobromina » Thu Jan 19, 2006 2:11 pm

Hey this is my first post here.

I tested about a hundred live distros without mentioning versions of each one.

At the end I preffer small ones for several reasons, being one of the most important the fact that I gather in the same disk some other stuff to run it in a MSWindows environement as standalone applications.

DSL is almost perfect because is small, but easy to be completed with 'optional' extensions, that cover all my needs. It offers as well valuable tools like its booting image, that can be integrated in a Barts' system to build multiboot ISOs.

Another that is very valuable is Puppy: Not only runs totally in the ram but has developed also extensions. Now is offering special flawors as grafpup for image files developers.

If I needed to publish pages or files from my computer I would preffer Slampp or Slammp-lite.

I also like Knoppix that is 'the father of all lives', but recently I preffer the other smaller live distros.

Ubuntu is nice, but in my oppinion is slow and not full featured. Better for newbees.

Right. That is all for now.

My best regards. 8)
"What you do, do quickly". (John 13:27). Visit my page:
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Postby jakec » Tue Nov 21, 2006 2:23 am


Uses KDE desktop, one CD install works both as a live and Install CD. Be wary it is a bit bloated.

Mandriva Move

This is what PCLinuxOS is based on it is a BIG distrobution with all you will ever need

PCLinuxOS .92 ... h/preview/ ... h/preview/

This is the distro I use and recommend, Why because it works right out of the box. No need to configure Everything, everything just works. It also comes as a 1 CD install that is a live CD that you can install later if you wish.


This Distro is small fast and effective, the ultimite Workers CD


Everything you will ever need on 1 CD. Hardware detection is exelent, as is the feel and look of the distro.

feather Linux

Vector Linux 4.3


Puppy Linux


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Slax Rulez !

Postby mr-roboto » Mon Jan 01, 2007 11:58 am

I can't say this is the best, but Slax is my fav for the following reasons:

- it's small; the Server ed it about 250MB and it has pretty much everything one would need to deply a Linux-based server right out of the box (or off the disc.)
- it's easy to remaster; one d/ls modules (ready-made apps/utils) from the site, copy the files into the /modules sub-dir of the ISO image, re-burn and you've got your own custom Slax. There's even a Windows-based remastering util, to facilitate an easier conversion process.
- good for many newbies; while I don't recommend pure newbies taking on Linux w/o a 'sponsor', you can assemble a 'newbie' disc pretty easily w/ all of the commonly used stuf on the desktop or command-bar.
- there are several editions ready to customize. You can go full KDE w/ Wine (KillBill ed), KDE/Flux-based server (Server Ed), basic XFCE-based GUI (Popcorn Ed), or tiny, cmd-line based (Frodo Ed).
- lots of Slax modules (> 1000) and a good community/forum.
- it's a true live Linux CD; the prinicpal developer (Tomas) crafted it to be a live Linux CD, which can be installed to one's hdrive, but is best left (in his and my opinion) as a live CD distro.
- v-5.1.8 has a late rev (from Oct-06) of linux-ntfs-3g, so it's got good NTFS r/w support (r/o on init automount), but Slax 6 (coming RSN) will have the 12-Dec near-golden rev used in Knoppix 5.10 w/ full-rw NTFS support (yay !)
- my sole beef is that it could have a better Xorg config script. DSL+Knoppix have an excellent one, which works much better than the little toy that comes w/ Slax. I use my live Linux CDs/DVDs for maintenance/repair jobs, as well as demo'ing the wonderful world of Linux to the 'unwashed masses', so I hope to (someday) adapt the Knoppix xsession script for use w/ Slax.

Anyway, that's what I think. I have a multi-distro DVD which has several live CD distros I like (Knoppix, Kubuntu, Slax KB/Server, et al), which I hacked together on my own, but Slax is the one I actually use....
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